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Low end video cards low price recomended for office worck, internet , and special workstations. These Vide cards are offered to users who do not need a gaming card and whos projects are not related to Graffic and animation.

Entery-level VGA cards which are recomended to home users whos aim is to have a gaming vga cards for middle range games. These cards mostly recomended to those users who rearly need best performance in gaming.

Radeon HD 5450, HD 6450, HD 5550 and GeForce GT 220, GT 430

Mid Range Video Cards are recomended for home users who also like best performance, gaming. These Video Cards are affordable for home users and have the performance which is more then enough for them.

Enthusiast-Level Video cards are offered to those useres who prefer games with high recuirements and are able to seitsfy recuirements of 90% of games. These cards are also very goods for animators and graffic specialists.

These VGA cards are recomended to those users who prefer best games and compleete complicated graffic and animation projects. These cards have the best performance for bith home and coorporate users and can seticfy all needs.

The Best Video Cards on the planet. These cards seticfy all needs, play any game at the best performance, can complete any project for any gaffic specialist.Playing a game with such a VGA card is only a pleasure.

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